Name: Tony Mitchell
Voice: Jake Page
Features: Black hat, came free with Sky magazine
First Words: Hi Marge

Tony said the first ever line on Handbags.
Tony has many hats, but only ever wears that one.
Tony likes lasagne.
Tony has a pet goldfish named Sid.
Tony's favourite song is 'Last stop this town' by 'The Eels'.

Name: Sozzlon Simmons
Voice: Suzie Hurrel
Features: Long hair
First Words: Hi

Sozzlon was originally going to be called Susanna.
Sozzlon is the only member who doesn't like France.
Sozzlon has a monkey called Lily, even though the landlord doesn't allow them.
Sozzlon likes chocolate covered marzipan treats.

Name: Mike Benson
Voice: James Cliffe
Features: Glasses
First Words: Frargle Smant

Mike made this site, and the entire show.
Mike realizes you shouldn't have the word 'and' after a comma.
Mike loves a hot bath.
When preparing for the show, Mike requires the least makeup.
Mike has nothing against Hazel, he thought she was trying to steal his apricots.

Name: Hazel Shukla
Voice: Kathryn Ball
Features: Unusual hair
First Words: Smashing

Hazel is killed off the episode after she comes in.
Hazel is shot by Mike.
Hazel then shoots Mike back.
Hazel likes to experiment with her hair.
Hazel particularly enjoys ham and biscuits.

Name: The Landlord
Voice: Kenneth Tinley
Features: Hat and moustache
First Words: PAY THE RENT

The Landlord enjoys receiving rent.
The Landlord advertises his apartments in local newspapers.
The Landlord has frequent hat wearing contests with Tony
When Mike wasn't present, The Landlord made Hazel contribute to the rent.