1. Mike made this site.
  2. Throughout the making of the first series, the N key didn't work.
  3. If the flatmates really existed, they'd all be dead by now.
  4. Tony does all the cooking.
  5. The flatmates' apartment is actually huge, they just like that one corner.
  6. All of the first series was written on the back of a shoebox.
  7. Many other things were being written at the same time as Handbags:
    - Hot Hair
    - Headbangs
    - Harry's House
    These may be produced in the future.
  8. Handbags is better than Hot Hair
  9. There is no fact 9.
  10. First words:
    - Tony: Hi Marge
    - Sozzlon: Hi
    - Mike: Frargle Smant
    - Hazel: Smashing
  11. Sozzlon was originally going to be called Susanna.
  12. The Handbags scripts would sell for about 5p each.
  13. Episodes and ink colour:
    - Season 1, Episodes 1-9: Red
    - Season 1, Episodes 10-11: Black
    - Season 2: Blue
    - Season 3: Red
  14. None of the flatmates have any money. They spend it all on the rent.
  15. Tony paid for the domain
  16. There is no character named Gary... and we never intend to bring one in.
  17. All the flatmates have one leg longer than the other
    This is due to them all having exactly the same body.
  18. The flatmates are drawn with vectors.
  19. Vectors.
  20. Tony paid to renew the domain
  21. Matt paid to renew the domain again
  22. There are absolutely no intentions to change Tony's voice actor, it's pure rumours